Selella's Mission & Vision

Employ a scientific approach to reduce genetic problems and increase diversity with conscious efforts towards exemplifying the Tonkinese personality and producing healthier, more vigorous cats that conform to the breed standards.

To be known for the health, vitality, and personality of our cats through careful selection and breeding of the most fit and diverse cats possible.

We will…

-Selectively choose breeding cats that do not have any known ancestral history (grandparents, parents, siblings, etc) of chronic or genetic diseases, disorders, or defects.  Selecting for health supersedes selecting for "type."

-Study the pedigrees of our breeding cats and their potential mates to determine their degree of relatedness (common ancestors).  We currently use a computer program to calculate inbreeding coefficients (IC) of individual cats, potential mates, and the offspring between two proposed parents.  This allows us to select mates that are the least related to one another, thereby improving the IC for the kittens.  Studies have shown that aggressive line and inbreeding can have negative effects on health and vigor.  By carefully screening our mating pairs prior to breeding, we hope to improve both clinical and genetic health in subsequent generations.

-Retire breeding cats when stress or other factors negatively affect the cat’s well-being and at an age where they will spend the longest portion of their life in their forever family homes.  We will not continue breeding cat that is failing to thrive or cannot singly support her litter for any reason. 

-Personality:  Selection for personality also supersedes selection for "type."  In addition, kittens will be socialized in our home environment to maximize their bonding with people at an early age and to acclimate them to the sights, sounds, and smells of family life,

-Nutrition:  An emphasis is placed on proper nutrition based on research and the needs of a feline carnivore.  We believe that a cat's diet significantly impacts their health and quality of life.  We will offer high quality, grain-free food for all cats and kittens in the form of kibble, canned, and raw meat containing nutrient supplements.

-Participate in CFA and TICA sponsored cat shows.

Our Philosophies

Many would argue that adopting a pedigree cat is irresponsible and a waste of money when there is an overpopulation of unwanted cats in shelters or roaming free.   Unfortunately, those cats are in need of homes because some people let their unaltered cats roam free, at least for part of the day.  Even if their cat comes home, their offspring may be left running the countryside.  Many people don't spay/neuter their pets because of the cost but the cost of not altering a pet is far more in terms of the cats health and environmental impact.  The bottom line is that the overpopulation of cats is caused by irresponsible people.  One female cat can have hundreds of kittens in her first 5-7 years of life.  Even though there is a movement to capture and spay/neuter free-roaming cats, just missing one can overpopulate an area quickly.  At Selella, our intended families must have their kittens spayed by 6 months of age (prior to being reproductively mature) and kept indoors (or within an outdoor enclosure).  We can control when our cats are bred and how many times they have kittens.  Our cats should never contribute to cat overpopulation nor should they be outdoor nuisances to wildlife populations. 

The cost of adopting a pedigree cat is higher than adopting from a shelter, but it is an investment for both you and for our cats.  In our case, the adoption fees provide exceptional medical, nutritional, and social care for all of our cats and kitten.  We also invest in purchasing unrelated breeding cats from all over the world and genetically test our cats for known, testable diseases and disorders.  We voluntarily provide DNA & blood samples to Universities looking for solutions to many health problems plaguing all cat populations, regardless of whether they are pedigreed or not.  We do not breed to meet the supply and demand of the public but rather breed with a conscious effort to improve our breeds and help to find solutions to health problems plaguing all cats, and we do so scientifically.

Selella's Breed Management Plan

Is it Irresponsible to Purchase a Pedigree Cat?