Why from Us?

For our Tonkinese breeding program, the goal is to produce genetically diverse, healthy cats, with great personalities that exemplify our vision of the Tonkinese breed standard.   We select our breeding pairs with health and personality at the forefront. Because inbreeding can be a concern in any purebred animal, we actively seek to bring different lines into our breeding program. 

About Our Breeder

Alex is the breeder for our Tonkinese program. He was first introduced to Tonks in 1987 when his family acquired their first pet cat. He had the fortunate experience as a teenager of being able to partner with his local breeder to be involved in the raising of a few litters of Tonkinese kittens.  He has loved this breed for over 25 years, and he is dedicated to promoting and advancing Tonkinese by producing the best cats possible.  Alex is a member of the Tonkinese Breed Association and is also on the CFA Tonkinese Breed Council.  Interested in a Tonkinese?  Call Alex at (724) 651-5479.


Adorable.  Affectionate.  Playful. 

Why Adopt a Tonkinese?

Tonkinese are very playful, intelligent, and social cats. If you want a cat that will keep to itself all day and only come out once in awhile to eat, this isn't the cat for you.  This breed of cat loves people, and loves to be around the action in the house. They are great lap kitties, and are very inventive with teaching themselves to play fetch or other new games.   They are beautiful cats as well. The 12 combinations of color/pattern can lead to some stunning cats. From platinum to blue, and light and dark brown, points, minks, and solid patterns. The points have gorgeous blue eyes, the minks have unique aqua colored eyes, and the solids  have eyes that range from chartreuse to light apple green. The combinations make for some truly beautiful cats.

One of the first litters Alex raised back in the late 1980's.

Alex and his sister with their beloved Tonkinese in 1987.